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Buying  a saddle


Buying a new saddle for you and your horse is one of the most exciting things to do. It can also be nerve wracking so dont worry we are here to help you on your journey.

Firstly we will have a conversation about what you would like, what the horse is like and what the horse needs, what sort of budget we are working with and if we are taking a saddle in part exchange. Please not we only take part exchange on new saddles (not second hand).

Next we will arrange to meet you. If you want to come to Vine farm and have a fitting at my place, its free of charge. We have an all weather arena with a set of jumps, ample parking, lots of saddles to try and a few cute spaniels thrown in for good measure. If you want me to come to you and bring a selection of saddles, I charge £50 for an hours drive and £75 for 1-2 hours drive. The latter price can be adjusted if there are 2 or more saddle fits on the same yard.

A new saddle appointment can take anything up to 2 hours, maybe longer depending on how long you want to ride in each saddle. Once we have decided on a brand and style of saddle, I can measure the horse and order a saddle that will suit its needs. Then we can discuss finishing touches like colours and name plates. Please note, I will discuss the fit for the horse with you. Horses change shape throughout the year and young horses grow, so we need to be aware of this when we order a new saddle. There are many ways to work round this so your horse is super comfortable the whole year round. As Heraclitus says "the only constant is change".


I shall place the order with the respective company when the deposit is paid. All new saddles are special orders. All new saddles are made to order and are not off the peg items. Each saddle has its own specifications to suit you and your horse. Each saddle is bespoke and there are no returns on new saddle orders. The new saddle that is made for you may not feels exactly like the one you rode in on the trial day. You do not own the goods until we have received the full amount for the saddle. The deposit is not refundable. ***Once the order is placed, it cannot be changed under any circumstances***. Please make sure you are happy with the details prior to the order being placed. Once you have ordered the saddle you have entered into the contract of sale for bespoke items.


A deposit of half the amount of the saddle is taken. The saddle wont be ordered unless the deposit is taken and has cleared funds. If a part exchange saddle is taken in against a new saddle, the part ex saddle is taken plus half the rest of the owing money on the new saddle. As soon as the part exchange saddle is taken in, it is the property of Sophysio saddles and can be sold at a price at our discretion. This does not change the quote given for the value of the part exchanged goods.

Depending on which brand you order, the lead time will vary. Prestige saddles normally take 6 weeks. Amerigo or Equipe are around 8 weeks however a rush charge can be paid to reduce this time to 4 weeks. These times exclude factory shut down namely August and December. These timescales are rough guides and there is no guarantee a saddle will arrive by those timescales.

The saddle will be shipped to us here at Sophysio Saddles and then the second payment for the new saddle is due. I will then come out and fit the saddle to the horse at the earliest convenience. Sometimes that saddles need a small tweak, this is normal please read above about horses changing shape. The next thing to do is to enjoy riding in your beautiful new saddle!!

Aftercare service

I love doing what I do and I love happy customers. I offer a full after care service with new saddles. This is all included in your new saddle price. This includes a first check (after the new saddle fit) when the saddle is 3-6 months old. In this appointment, if your Prestige saddle needs a tweak, the alteration is free of charge. The Amerigo saddle will be sold with a Mattes pad so the adjustment should be in the pad initially if needed. Amerigo saddles can be adjusted 1.5cm and there is a charge to this. The second check appointment will be chargeable at the normal saddle appointment rates.

Other Terms and conditions

By accessing this website or the facebook page and placing an order or organising a saddle appointment you are bound by these terms and conditions. We may modify the terms and conditions at any time. Your continued use of the website and linked facebook page will be your acceptance of any modification. If you buy goods or receive services from us that does not include payment via the website, these terms still apply.

We act as an agent to sell second hand saddles. We are not responsible for the manufacture of the saddles or damage that may have been caused. 

We are not responsible for delays in postage times. If your delivery does not arrive please contact us at the earliest opportunity. If the good have been lost in transit, we are not responsible for this.

Delivery of goods outside the UK may be subject to customs and import duties which the customer is responsible for. This must be paid on top of the purchase price. You are responsible for the goods as soon as they are delivered to the address provided.

We will never try and sell you a saddle that is unsuitable. We will select and advise the best option for you and your available budget at the time of the appointment. This will always be discussed with you and we will always make sure we have agreed with the plan during the appointment. We can give advice but the decision to buy the saddle is yours. Every time you put the saddle on the horse it is your decision and your responsibility. We will always advise the best fit at the time of the appointment. 

Horses can be unpredictable. The decision to ride the horse always lies with the client. We are not held responsible for any injury caused during saddle appointments and that goes to the horse or rider. We are also not responsible for any injuries to the horse or rider following a saddle appointment. The decision to ride the horse always lies with the client and the client does so at their own risk. The client is responsible for the use of all protective clothing and equipment. The clients accepts full liability in the event of any injury or accident. We expect all riders to hold adequate riders insurance and third party liability insurance for their animals. All clients accept full liability and risk riding their horses post saddle appointment and Sophysio saddles are not liable for any injury or accident when the horse is subsequently ridden.

The animals welfare remains the whole responsibility of the client/owner. All veterinary, farriery, physiotherapy or other remedial needs are at the owners full cost and responsibility for any reason.

Saddle fit will need to be monitored and maintained and responsibility for this remains with the client. It is the clients responsibility to maintain their saddle and book regular saddle checks as and when necessary. This includes when a horse changes shape. This can be due to workload, lameness, condition, weight gain or loss, injury, change of environment, change of yard, diet, growth (this is not an exhaustive list). Many factors can affect saddle fit and this can happen very quickly. If you feel there is a problem with the saddle you will need to inform us at Sophysio saddles as soon as possible. It you feel there is a serious problem with the saddle it may be that you need to stop using the saddle. If you need another appointment it may take time to fit it into the diary so you must be patient. We endeavour to find solutions as quick as possible.

If you are unhappy with the service provided at Sophysio saddles or the products sold, you as the consumer must inform us at the earliest opportunity in writing. We endeavour to resolve disputes in a timely manner in house. If you have instructed another saddler to give an opinion, the second saddler must contact the original saddle fitter to discuss. The second opinion is biased if it has come from a saddle fitter that has subsequently sold a saddle or services to the complainant. If there is a dispute all relevant documentation must be sent with correspondence. The aim is to resolve complaints. A court of law is the only authority that can order any action or payment in connection with a complaint.

We do not exclude liability for any fraudulent act or omission, or death or personal injury caused by negligence or breach of the suppliers other legal obligations. We shall accept no liability to you for any loss of profits, business or revenue, damage to goodwill, economic and/or other loss that was not reasonably foreseeable at the time you entered the contract.

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