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Many years of experience working with top class riders and their horses, Peter Menet has a wealth of experience of how saddle design can influence the horses movement and performance.

He has created saddles that influence horse and rider in a positive way, improving the performance and the long term health of the horse. The heart of the design is placing the rider and the horse in balance in a position where the horse can carry the riders weight effectively. Thus the horse can round its back, bring the hind quarter underneath it, stretch through it topline and use its withers which is the most important part of collection. The saddles allow the horses to work which gives the horses a positive mental attitude, a healthier body and increased performance over a longer period of time.


Each of the saddle models are made for a particular type of horse. The saddle trees are shaped individually to achieve the correct shape for each horse. The panels can then be decided on. The panels are all flocked and are independent which can be made in different levels of volume. Each panel is made individually by hand. The panels have no ends or pre formed stitching. The panels need wearing in and then they become flatter and wider. They need little maintenance and mould to each horse. 

The Amerigo saddle can be adjusted and the head of the iron made wider or narrower by 1 size. This can be done by a qualified Amerigo saddle expert.

Amerigo DJ - for horses with straighter backs with a small place to put a saddle and bigger warmbloods.

DJ Largo - For horses with short backs with not much space for the saddle. For horses with wider backs and spinous processes.

CC - for blood horses with high withers and long shoulders and withers.

Basso - For straighter backs and normal-high withers.

HC - for horses with high croups that tend to tip saddles forwards. 

Farouche - for smaller people or children, suitable for horses with straighter backs or slight high croup.

Amerigo Saddle
Amerigo Saddle
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