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Available Services

Sophie at Sophysio saddles is a qualified Master Saddle Fitting Consultant (MSFC). She is also trained in the specific brands of Prestige, Equipe, Amerigo and Erreplus and specialises in jump saddles.

Saddle Appointment costs

  • Up to 1 hour travel £65

  • more than 1 hour travel £65 + mileage at 60p per mile.

  • Multiple clients per yard - by negotiation

  • Saddle fit at my place £25 RG20 9EW


Flocking top ups depend on how much flock is used and the time taken

I do not do total reflocks however I can arrange for this to be undertaken

Saddle adjustments

  • Heat width adjustment of a Prestige saddle £95 including postage back or £75 for collection both ways

  • Equipe and amerigo saddle £400 plus appointment fee

Saddle trials

£25 trial fee is applied to saddles trialled. This is to go towards admin costs, packaging, handling and cleaning costs.

All saddles are to be paid for prior to the being sent out or left with you and the cost is deducted from the refund if the saddle is sent back.

Saddle sales

  • 20 % sales commission on saddle sales 

  • Saddles taken in are Prestige, Amerigo, Equipe, Erreplus and Renaissance.

  • Remittance is less charges e.g Paypal charges if the customer has paid via paypal.


1st check following a new saddle sale is now chargeable at a standard appointment fee rate.

Saddle covers are now added on to saddle prices at £25 a cover

Stirrup covers are an optional extra at £20


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