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Prestige was established in 1974 and was originally called Appaloosa. It became Prestige, the brand we know and love in 1992. 

Prestige was one of the first saddle companies to create and use the synthetic fibre tree and they developed a nylon tree reinforced with fibre glass. They also decided to go away from English leather as it takes too long to wear in, in favour of swiss leather and more recently Italian leather. The final difference that stood them apart from other saddle companies was they adopted darker tones in their leather and offered different coloured trims.


A Prestige Tree

The tree is designed to adapt to the morphology of the horse and the rider. The use of the synthetic tree is clear, the tree doesn't change over time and is not affected by humidity. The tree can be widened and narrowed as many times as you like in order to help the fit of the saddle to the horse. Every tree goes through a quality control process and the tree has a lifetime guarantee.  apart from accident. The tree is also lightweight and doesn't need any metal reinforcement.


In an X-technology tree, in the rear part of the tree there are two holes covered in elastic membranes made of thermosensitive rubber that is in the exact place where our ischium (seat bones) sit. This allows the rider to be closer to the horse and sit deeper in the saddle. 

The X-technology panels replace the traditional panels. They are flocked with Dacron fibre (synthetic flocking material which is more consistent than wool flock) along with honeycomb fabric which allow the panels to be thinner and be closer to the horse. The panels ensue stability without stressing the animals back.  

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Prestige Leather

Prestige source leather in the regions of Veneto and Tuscany which are famous worldwide. They are trusted companies which tan leather in accordance with the best technologies and traditions. They consciously use water based colours and glues for the leather in line with their social and environmental principles.


There are 3 types of panel, a Classic, an X-technology and a latex panel.  The Classic panel is flocked with Dacron flocking material and is lined with felt. The X-technology panels are filled with the same Dacron material but are lined with a combination of synthetic and elastic honeycomb material which makes them lighter and thinner. The latex panels need no maintenance and is filled with polyurethane material which is very hardwearing.  Each rider can personalise their panels by having increase depth in the front and/or back and shoulder free panels can be made to give more room for a horse with a big shoulder. 

Brand Ambassadors

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