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  • Newly designed Prestige X-Perience is ultimate in comfort and design. It has a new French tree which is 1cm wider each side at the seat and it sits up in front at the withers. It has a wider unisex twist. Uses the new x technology for the tree and new specially designed flocking. The newly designed flocking has more spring to it than wool flocking and it lighter.
    Prestige says ‘the front part of the tree includes a relief opening to guarantee comfort for the horse. Thanks to the new tree the seat becomes extremely comfortable. The seat of the saddle is considerably wider than a normal seat and the 2 seat membranes softens impact and increases comfort for the rider. The panels along their entire length have a wider block, meaning the weight of the rider is more evenly distributed. Moreover the panels are extremely thin. The panels are integrated with the under flaps to increase the feeling of close contact. Blocks are available in Velcro and this saddles suits horses with normal to small withers’.
    The wait time on this saddle 4-6 weeks and we don’t hold any standard stock and this is as all saddles are made bespoke for you and your requirements. 
    For the rider: it really has got a comfortable seat. Legs are pretty secure without feeling restricted. The saddle naturally allows you to ride in a light seat. 
    Blocks can be ordered in medium
    Blocks can be ordered in Velcro 
    Flap projection can be +2cm or +4cm on request
    Flaps can be a different length
    Panel can be built up by +1/2/3cm

    Prestige X-Perience

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