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  • Prestige X Paris
    The X Paris has new prestige technology with the tree and with the new panels.
    The X tree has room for your ischia (seat bones) and provides more comfort for the rider.
    The panels have a new honeycomb foam layer instead of felt, giving the saddle a lighter feel. It also benefits from new synthetic flocking material. This material is better than traditional wool flock as it’s lighter and has more spring which is a better feeling for the horse.
    Prestige say ‘the X Paris is a very comfortable and adaptable saddle ideal for amateur and professional alike. The twist has moved slightly further forward giving a feeling of closer contact but still maintaining freedom of movement. It’s look is elegant and athletic’.
    For the rider: close contact feel, positions you in a nice traditional seat. Knee rolls are very soft, knees sink into them and are very secure over a fence. Seat is relatively flat, however as the knee rolls are so good you still have a feeling of security but without feeling restricted. Neat, smart, well designed saddle.
    Medium blocks can be requested
    Coloured trim can be requested
    Panel can be built up behind to help with balance of the saddle 
    Flap can be more forward cut by 2cm or 4cm
    Length of flap can be requested
    Available in calf skin
    The wait time on this saddle 4-6 weeks and we don’t hold any standard stock and this is as all saddles are made bespoke for you and your requirements.

    Prestige X Paris

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