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  • The Michel Robert was developed with the help of The French Champion himself. This saddle can suit all rider types, it sits the rider in a beautiful upright position and helps with lower leg position. It has the X tree technology.
    Prestige says ‘the Michel Robert saddle stands out for its design and for its unique features. The anatomical structure of the seat offers more comfort for training on the flat and over a jump. The twist is tight and close to the horse allowing the horse to follow the horses movement. The suitability is excellent especially with horses with big withers and still allows movement at the shoulder’.
    For the rider: half deep seat and ultimate leg security. This is a great saddle for a horse with a big action either on the flat or over a jump. Already +2cm forward cut as standard.
    Only available in gorgeous double flap
    Medium block available on request
    Calf skin available and recommended to finish the look off
    The wait time on this saddle 4-6 weeks and we don’t hold any standard stock and this is as all saddles are made bespoke for you and your requirements. 

    Prestige X-Michel Robert

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