• Prestige Meredith
    18 inch
    34 width
    Very good condition
    18 months old
    Double flap
    The Prestige X Meredith has been developed with the help of female show jumper Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. If you watch the way Meredith rides, this is how the saddle allows you to sit. Your point of balance is slightly further back, your legs are slightly further forward and it gives you exceptional security.
    Prestige says ‘the saddle give the best close contact, close proximity to the horse and comfort as the seat has extra softness. We recommend this saddle for riders who like to sit towards the rear of the seat and this prefer a narrow twist. This is perfect for horses with a high back and small to medium withers.
    For the rider: narrow twist, comfort seat, extra security in the leg positioning with the knee roll. Once you sit in it, you will feel if this is the saddle for you.

    Prestige Meredith