• Amerigo HC
    17.5 inch
    +1 width
    Double flap
    Good condition
    Red brown 
    Amerigo HC Jump saddle is created for a rising croup and lack of space available on the horse’s back. The precise positioning of the riders weight allows the horse the optimal use of its neck and back which together with an unrestricted hindleg movement leads to an easier collection of the horse. The tree is a wooden sprung tree for precise fitting.
    For the rider: the different Amerigo saddles are to suit different shaped horses. The saddle sits you in the deepest part of saddle and that aligns with the deepest part of the horses back. That way you sit in balance with them which aids collection and their rhythm and balance. The seats are semi deep, secure and comfortable. The saddle skirts are padded for comfort. 
    Available in this beautiful red brown colour!

    Amerigo HC


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