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  • Amerigo HC
    Amerigo HC Jump saddle is created for a rising croup and lack of space available on the horse’s back. The precise positioning of the riders weight allows the horse the optimal use of its neck and back which together with an unrestricted hindleg movement leads to an easier collection of the horse.
    The saddle below is a 17.5 inch with a forward cut flap (+2cm on the front) and is in the gorgeous red brown and Pinerolo (high grade calf skin) leather.
    Available in 16.5,17,17.5 and 18 inch
    Red brown, brown, black and Newmarket Tan
    Panel volume 2,4,6
    Widths from -1 to +3 in half cm’s for the precise fit.
    £4200 new ♦️
    Each saddle comes with its own sample collection of leather care products which are recommended to be used to keep the saddles in tip top condition.
    Lead time is12-14 weeks

    Amerigo HC

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