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  • The Amerigo DJ
    This saddle is suitable for horses with straighter backs and is good for horses with a small place to put a saddle but also for bigger warmbloods.
    The seat is 26cm in width so plenty of room. Comes is 16.5-18 inch in half sizes. 
    Comes in a LARGO version. This is for horses with wide withers so the gullet is wider and the panels are slightly lower down to allow for them.
    Comes in brown and black (see above), red brown and Newmarket tan. 
    DJ professional also available. The only difference is in the Professional saddle, there is more of the hard wearing protection leather at the bottom of the flap.
    Coloured piping available in patent black, patent silver, yellow, red, green, turquoise, patent brown, patent gold, orange, pink, blue and purple.
    Price: £4200 new 🤩
    Each saddle comes with its own sample collection of leather care products which are recommended to be used to keep the saddles in tip top condition.
    Lead time is12-14 weeks

    Amerigo DJ

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