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  • The Amerigo Basso

    Available in single or double flap. For horses with straighter backs with small withers.

    The panels are independent (French panel/non integrated) allowing the saddle to sit up more. The panels are flocked with high tech flocking material that needs little maintenance. They are flocked by hand and have no pre formed stitching on the horse. The panels blend away and become flatter and wider with use.

    Often for horses with a shorter space to the deepest part of the horse.

    Comes in 16.5/17/17.5/18 inch

    25cm width seat

    Forward cut option available

    Comes in widths -0.5 to +3 in half sizes

    Comes in brown, black, red brown and Newmarket (tan).

    Coloured piping available.

    £4200 new 🤩

    Each saddle comes with its own sample collection of leather care products which are recommended to be used to keep the saddles in tip top condition.

    Lead time is 12-14 weeks

    Amerigo Basso

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