• The X-Perience has an innovative new tree that suits the modern sports horse.
    For the rider: it has a truly unisex tree with optimum twist width. The X technology in the tree features seat bone cut out that are larger to ensure comfort. There are 2 layers of rubber on the seat making it extremely comfortable. The base of the seat is wider than traditional saddles. The point of balance is further forward to allow ease from sitting to light seat. 
    For the horse: there is an option to have integrated or non integrated panels. The former for small or medium withers and the latter for larger withers. The panels are wider along the whole length of the saddle to ensure larger weight distribution of the rider. As the point of balance of the saddle is further forward, it is nearer to the horses centre of gravity  allowing improved performance for the horse.
    You can order larger knee blocks, different length flaps, coloured piping, name plates, different panels, shoulder free panels and forward projection of the front flap.
    The wait time on this saddle 4-6 weeks and we don’t hold any standard stock and this is as all saddles are made bespoke for you and your requirements.