• The X-Contact is another saddle on the French tree so benefiting from the wider more comfortable seat. It has X technology in the tree and has a wider twist. It naturally allows you to ride in a very secure position with your legs externally rotated allowing a close contact with the lower leg. 
    Prestige says ‘the new tree is designed to respect the morphology of the modern horse and make athletes more comfortable with the use of a lower cantle. The tree is designed to house a thinner seat for a closer contact with the horse. The seat is wider in the rear part as well as the membranes to allow an additional 30% space on the seat. The twist is wide, the knee rolls are anatomically shaped and located on the panels to ensure the riders optimal support and utmost safety during x country phase’.
    For the rider: it really has got a comfortable seat. Knees sink into the knee rolls, legs externally rotated gives you an extremely secure feeling. Forward flap projection recommended along with larger blocks.
    * available in monoflap or double flap***
    Velcro blocks as standard, small available on request.
    Calf skin recommended for extra grip.
    Flap projection available in +2cm and +4cm
    Flap length can be requested
    Panel can be built up 1/2/3cm