This saddle is on the forefront of saddle technology. It has a brand new tree featuring the CPS ‘coccyx protection system’. There are cut outs of the seat bones and for the coccyx. The rubber is injected into the area and is most soft in the coccyx cut out. The tree is also wider at the head with tree points that are slightly angled. This is so riders can place the saddle forward but not impinge the movement of the horses shoulders.

For the rider: it has a unisex tree with a narrow twist. The seat is medium deep with 2 layers of rubber making it extremely comfortable. The base of the seat is also wider. 

For the horse: there is greater movement at the withers and trapezius muscle (due to the new shape tree) to allow less restriction in all gaits and especially when jumping. The panels are shorter to reflect that modern sports horses have shorter backs. The panels are anatomically shaped for better weight distribution.