• Wowsers
    Prestige X-Champion (a version of the X-Breath)
    17 inch
    34 width
    Double flap
    Calf skin
    Flocked panels
    For the rider: a neat saddle will suit a small rider. Semi deep seat and square cantle. The ventilation hole has many benefits from reducing coccyx/back pain, relaxing the seat, taking away the drive in a rider’s seat, improved ventilation for the horse and rider and relaxing a sharp horse. The knee flaps on this particular saddle would suit a shorter rider or a rider that rides long due to the angle of the flap.
    For the horse: a sympathetic tree which can be adjusted 2 sizes. Would suit a horse with some wither but could cope with a big shoulder. The tree is heat adjusted 2 sizes in and out. The panels are flocked for horse comfort and adjustability. 
    A stylish unusual Prestige saddle that is limited edition so you won’t find many else like it! 

    Prestige X-breath