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  • The most striking of the Prestige saddle range. A modern lightweight saddle with snazzy coloured design with an open aperture to help ease back pain for the rider.
    Prestige says ‘the striking feature of this saddle is the large opening at the seat. The oval aperture at the centre of the seat allows ventilation for air circulation of both the horse and rider, and, allows the coccyx to sit to relive back pain. The oval aperture is covered in special ultra elastic honeycomb material that increases the comfort of the seat. It is a particularly good saddle for small withers, flat backs and where the horse’s back is higher than the withers’.
    For the rider: a neat close contact saddle with semi deep seat, especially good for riders with back pain. Non restrictive saddle but medium blocks can be added for more security. The ultimate saddle for a matchy match, colours galore and you can even get matching accessories with stirrup leathers and girth with matching coloured stitching.
    Available in double or monoflap
    Multiple coloured stitching options
    Medium block available on request
    Flap can be more forward cut by 2cm or 4cm
    Flap length can be requested
    The wait time on this saddle 4-6 weeks and we don’t hold any standard stock and this is as all saddles are made bespoke for you and your requirements. 

    Prestige X-Breath

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