Amerigo Saddles

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Selleria Equipe brand represents quality craftsmanship and attention to the detail, all these characteristics makes it a manufacturing excellence in Italy and worldwide. Each saddle is manufactured to satisfy the demands of both the rider and the horse in each equestrian discipline

Each saddle turned out at the Selleria Equipe permises- in themselves an avant-garde architectural landmark – is manufactured with meticulous care to satisfy sporting demands


The E-Carbon range is built around our unique carbon/composite fiber tree. The tree materials  produce a customizable, lightweight yet durable tree with unique shock absorbing properties. These features combined with a narrow twist give the ultimate close contact connection between horse and rider. Only the highest quality leather and finishing completes the E-Carbon experience.

In this range we stock the following

EK-Go: For  a horse with more shape to thier back

EK-EVO: For a wide flat backed horse

EK26: For average withers and back

Special one: For an average back with a narrower seat for petite jockies.

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Style at the service of well being

Built around our synthetic tree, the Theoreme range of saddles optimizes rider position with a narrow twist and close contact feel, adapting its self perfectly to the structure of the horse. Customizable to meet the exacting needs of both horse and rider.

We stock the following in the theoreme range

Expression: Double flap and single flap. This is for flatter backed horses

Synergy: Double flap and single flap. This is for horses with a bit more wither than the expression.

Equipe saddles are excellent saddles for ponies. For small ponies we stock the rarity saddle which is based on the Expression saddle. This comes in a 14.5 inch to a 15.5 inch. The expression and synergy saddles both start at 16 inch. Their shape makes them ideal for small ponies and the narrow twist makes them ideal for small jockies.


All saddles of the E-Carbon, Platinum and Theoreme lines can be personalised to respond to the need for rider comfort as weel as respecting the horse’s morphology.

Selleria Equipe is therefore able to satisfy particular needs relative to the opening of the saddle tree, shape of the saddle panels, dimension of flaps and the choice of knee-rolls.


Equipe saddles are personalize by craftsman and they can be personalize* on the base of necessity of each rider and horse.

  Seat-size: from 14.5 pony to 18, depending on disciplin and model.


  Size/forward of flap: 

  Knee blocks

  A panel compensation

  A billets position

 Coloured trim